Woodland || Tea Towel || Flour Sack

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This Tea Towel's design was originally line drawn by hand. Each design on this towel was inspired by the lives that inhabit the woods.

+ Artisan Created Tea Towel
+ Eco-friendly Tea Towel
+ 100 % Organic Cotton
+ Machine Washable
+ Screen Printed
+ Women-Owned and operated
+ Corner Strap For Hanging
+ Descriptive label
+ 40 x 50cm

We all know that being in nature is the best thing for your mental health. So why not bring a little piece of nature inside your home? Looks great in all kitchens and bathrooms as it has a neutral color tone.

Mushrooms 🍄
Snakes 🐍
Trees 🌳
Ferns 🍃
Flowers 🌸
Snails 🐌
Acorn 🍁
Plants 🌱

Can also be used as dish cloth.