I was born and raised in a small mountain town in New Hampshire. Surrounded by forest and natural beauty, my love for the wonders of the outdoors was immediate and encompassing. Hailing from a family of self-taught artists, my mother truly encouraged and inspired me to indulge in my artistic abilities. Even from a young age, I have always been most content with my pens and sketchpad deep in nature.

Inspired by the natural landscapes and the rich cultures of the people and places I visit,  I choose simplicity in the black and white medium of ink for my Letterpress Collection.  

For my Wildflower Seed Paper Collection, I have chosen to splash color onto each card as the colors are representative of the blooms of the flowers.  

I hope each card brings happiness to every person they are gifted to.

As for my paintings, i started painting about 10 years ago when i was introduced to what quality materials were.  Whether it was thick acrylic paints with vibrant colors or cotton canvases, my idea of what painting was transformed into a new world.  i work in both oil and acrylic mediums.

I have been painting and selling here and there, it hasn't been until recently that i have dedicated much more of my time painting and have worked with collectors curating commissioned work.

It is through the encouragement i receive from my friends, family and collectors to keep going.

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