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"Vibrant Wishes: Happy Birthday" Wildflower Seed Paper Card

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Make their birthday extra special with our "Blossoming Wishes" Happy Birthday card. This unique card combines the beauty of wildflowers with heartfelt birthday greetings.


+Card Size: A2 (4.25 x 5.5 inches)
+Material: Eco-friendly wildflower seed paper
+Design: The front of the card features a charming birthday-themed design, including colorful illustrations and the words "Happy Birthday" in an elegant font.
+Plantable Feature: Our wildflower seed paper is embedded with a blend of seeds that include vibrant and fragrant wildflowers. After enjoying the card, recipients can plant it in soil, water it, and watch as beautiful flowers grow.
+Blank Interior: The inside of the card is left blank, providing ample space for you to add your personalized birthday message and well wishes.
+Envelope: Each card is accompanied by a recycled kraft envelope for easy mailing or gifting.
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"Vibrant Wishes: Happy Birthday" Wildflower Seed Paper Card