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"Devotional Love" Letterpress Greeting Card

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The Victorian Flower Dictionary states that Tulips represent Devotional Love.

There’s something very special about the feel of an authentic letterpress design; the weight of the paper is heavier, the ink sits deep within the paper’s fibers, and slight indentations from the printing plate have been left. Inkjet and laser copiers cannot duplicate these characteristics.

+ A2 blank folded card with matching envelope, square flap
+ Designs by Artist Emily Philbrick
+ Packaged in a clear sleeve material which is derived from plant-based polylactic acid (PLA) and is certified compostable
+ Beautifully printed on heavy Canella cardstock
+ Available in packs of 5* or singles

How it’s made:
My greeting cards are printed by a small business in Portland, Oregon.

Blank Inside.

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"Devotional Love" Letterpress Greeting Card