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C. Reflection-Prints

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I employed the use of thinner to emulate the fluidity of water, creating a play of light and shadow.

The wood panels capture a moment of introspection, where the surface mirrors not just an image, but a reflection of the soul. The wood panel, with its natural texture, adds a unique dimension, enhancing the organic and contemplative atmosphere of the artwork.

The application of oil paint and thinner conjures a sense of liquidity, as if the painting itself is a tranquil pool inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its contemplative depths. 

Bring the meditative allure of 'Reflection' into your space and let the ambiance of serenity and self-discovery wash over you. Order your print today and invite the transformative beauty of this extraordinary painting into your world.

Size: 18 x 55 inches

Check out A. Reflections and B. Reflections to make the Triptych 

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C. Reflection-Prints